What is indBox?

A clever solution for material flow optimisation

indBox: material flow management in production and Inbound / Outbound logistics

indBox is a modular workpiece carrier system able to optimise material flows (semi-finished products, components, modules or assembled parts), during production and logistics processes.

indBox is a workpiece carrier system made of several modular components:
> tray (plate with grid)
> plastic boxes
> stacking edges
> pin / clip
> dividers
> holding frame for trays
> metallic boxes and lids

The boxes have standard dimensions, optimised for pallets, and are stackable.

indBox - box e piastra portapezzi con pin e clip

Box with pin and stacking edges
Thanks to the pin, clip or dividers it is possible to place and /or fasten the parts onto the tray or into the box, both to the base and to the sides.

indbox: cassetta con pin e cornice

indBox: cassetta con divisori per scomparti

Box with dividers
Pin, clip and dividers are customisable according to part type / geometry and movable as needed.

Holding frame for trays / inlays
The frame is designed to hold several stacked trays and placed in the boxes for part cleaning purpose.

indBox: telaio inox per piastre con anelli di bloccaggio

indBox: indBox - ceste inox per lavaggio industriale

Baskets for industrial part cleaning / degreasing
The stacked trays may be placed in cleaning baskets or other standard packagings already in use (indBox boxes or KLT)..

Reinforced Plastics
All indBox plastic components are produced with polymers resistant to intensive use, high temperatures and all substances normally used in industrial part cleaning equipments.

indBox: contenitori industriali in plastica